Parents and guardians in the Freehold Township School District can access their children’s academic records, such as test scores, attendance records, and homework assignments, through a website called the Genesis Parent Portal. The portal also allows parents to update their contact information and view relevant school and district news.

The Genesis Parent Portal is an excellent resource for keeping parents updated on their children’s schoolwork and encouraging parental involvement. Here, parents may check up on their kids’ schedules, attendance, and grades in real time. This enables parents to share their concerns with teachers at an early stage. Additionally, the portal makes it simple for parents to stay up-to-date on school and district news, including planned events and announcements.

The Genesis Parent Portal not only gives parents access to their child’s school records, but also lets them change their own personal details like phone numbers and email addresses. This is crucial because it guarantees that parents will get timely notices from the school and district.

All parents, regardless of their degree of technological expertise, can utilise the Genesis Parent Portal because of how intuitively it is designed. Since it is hosted online, parents can have access to it from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones and tablets. Any parent with a user name and password can access the site.

The Genesis Parent Portal is an excellent resource for keeping parents up-to-date and involved in their children’s education. It allows parents to be more active in their child’s education by giving them instantaneous access to their child’s academic information as well as critical school and district news. Parents can stay in touch with the school and district by updating their contact information on the site. The Genesis Parent Portal provides parents with the information and tools they need to be an integral part of their child’s educational experience and academic success.

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