Parents and guardians in the Bernards Township School District can log in to the Genesis Parent Portal to view their child’s academic records and communicate with the school. Examples of such data include grades, attendance, and homework assignments. In addition to viewing their child’s schedule and communicating with teachers and administrators, parents can also access additional valuable resources through the portal.

You may access the Parent Portal from any internet-connected device, making it easy to keep tabs on your child’s schoolwork and progress. The portal also has valuable features that inform parents of their child’s development, such as notifications and mobile apps. The school district may use the gateway to notify parents of emergencies or forthcoming activities. Overall, the Genesis Portal is an excellent resource for parents in the Bernards Township School District to keep track of their children’s schoolwork and activities.

Features and Benefits

Parents and guardians can view their children’s attendance, grades, and class schedules in real time using the Portal. With this site, parents can check up on their children’s school activities, see what’s for lunch, and more.

The Portal is a great tool for keeping parents up to date on their child’s academic performance. They are able to monitor their child’s attendance and grades with ease, which allows them to better understand where their child may benefit from extra attention. The availability of a student’s schedule to parents is useful for coordinating things like after-school activities and carpooling.

This also facilitates improved parent-teacher and parent-staff communication. They can use the portal to send and receive messages, reducing the risk of missing out on crucial information. The portal also facilitates communication between the school and parents, letting them know about upcoming events and reminding them of upcoming due dates.

The Parent Portal is a safe and simple way for busy parents to stay up-to-date on their child’s schoolwork. The Bernards Township School District helps parents learn how to use the portal and make the most of its functions by providing them with tutorials and other resources.

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