If you are a parent or guardian in Paramus Public Schools, you have access to your child’s school records through the Genesis Parent Portal, a safe and convenient online resource. Students’ attendance records, report cards, and other academic data are all accessible to parents through this online site.

Parents need to sign up for the Genesis Parent Portal in order to have access to the portal. To use the Genesis Parent Portal, go to the website for your local school district and follow the instructions there. After that, guardians will be asked to register with a username and password of their own choosing. After signing up, parents will be able to access their child’s profile.

Parents may quickly and easily discover the data they need with the Genesis Parent Portal’s intuitive interface, which features drop-down menus and a search bar. As an added convenience, parents can sign up for alerts that will notify them whenever important updates are made, such as the release of report cards or grading updates.

The gradebook in the Genesis Parent Portal is a great tool for keeping tabs on your child’s academic performance at any time. With this information, parents can keep tabs on their child’s development and intervene in any areas of concern before they escalate. Information about homework and tests, such as due dates and grades, are recorded in the gradebook as well.

The calendar tool in the Genesis Parent Portal informs parents of upcoming events and holidays, such as school closures. The school handbook and policy materials are also available to parents.

In general, the Genesis Parent Portal is a helpful resource for keeping parents and guardians abreast of their children’s school activities. It allows parents to be more involved in their child’s education by giving them access to timely and reliable information on their child’s academic development.

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